Sept. 21, 2016

    Communication is Key to Johnson’s Success

    COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Earlier today the National Association of State Foresters presented a communications achievement award to Texas A&M Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator Paul Johnson.

    Johnson’s efforts to inform, educate and even entertain others about the vital role of trees in our lives have garnered attention nationwide. It is for advancing the work and the worth of our nation’s trees and forests by innovative communications methods that Johnson was presented the 2016 Leah MacSwords Current Achievement Award for Communications at the NASF annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia.

    “Paul’s enthusiasm in communicating how trees improve the quality of life for Texans is infectious,” Burl Carraway, Department Head for Texas A&M Forest Service Sustainable Forestry said. “He spurs others toward better arboriculture practices and stewardship.”

    Johnson hosts the weekly Texas A&M Forest Service podcast Trees Are Key, www.treesarekey.com, providing information and education about trees, tree care, the benefits of trees and all the ways trees are important to people, communities and landscapes. The podcast series has been running approximately 18 months and has reached nearly 18,000 listeners from 23 countries.

    Johnson also hosts Tree Chats on Twitter each week and has presented more than 500 programs in person covering 75 subjects.

    Amanda Cooke, NASF communications director has witnessed the prolific reach of Johnson’s messages. “The sheer amount of original content that Paul creates and effectively shares is astounding,” she said. “His work has helped promote the benefits of trees and strengthen the forestry community across the nation and beyond.”

    Read the original news release by the National Association of State Foresters.


    NASF award 2

    Caption: (left to right) Paul Johnson and Tom Boggus, Texas A&M Forest Service Director

    Linda Moon
    Communications Manager, Texas A&M Forest Service

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