May 31, 2017 — BORGER, Texas — Texas Panhandle landowners are invited to attend a workshop designed to better prepare them for wildfires.

    The one-day Wildfire Preparedness workshop, hosted by Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, will focus on helping landowners plan for wildfires. The workshop will highlight tools designed to help prepare families, properties and employees for wildfire, and experts will discuss working with emergency responders before and during wildfire outbreaks.

    “During the recent wildfires, TFS employees recognized opportunities for improved communications between landowners and emergency responders. This workshop will unveil ways to communicate prior to a wildfire,” said Wildland Urban Interface Specialist Mylea Lovell. “Our main purpose is to open lines of communication now, before wildfires occur and, in doing so, offer assistance in planning for future wildfire outbreaks.”

    Collaborating with state agencies will allow landowners to be better prepared to share key information about hazards and large assets on their property, such as gas lines, fences, homes and barns. Access to this type of information can be vital to firefighters when suppressing wildfires.

    “Developing a protection plan causes a landowner to think about a wildfire coming through their land and allows them to identify hazards and how to lessen the risk of those hazards damaging their property,” said Andrew Bivins, JA Ranch Manager. “The plans also open up lines of communication between firefighters on the ground, landowners and agencies. This allows for greater firefighter safety, tactical priorities and reduces overall confusion in the face of a wildfire.”

    The workshop begins at 11 a.m., Thursday, June 22 at Frank Phillips College, 901 Opal Street, Borger, Texas. Admission for the event is free and includes lunch. Those interested in attending are asked to RSVP by June 15th.

    Visit http://bit.ly/2rgvxRC for additional workshop or RSVP information.


    Mylea Lovell, Wildland Urban Interface Specialist, Texas A&M Forest Service

    806-500-1199, mlovell@tfs.tamu.edu

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