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Bronze Sea Otters & Concrete Whales

Our Coastal Challenge at the Texas State Aquarium was fun, but it had me thinking about conservation when I saw the bronze statue of the two otters and the concrete whale submerged in the sidewalk.
Team El Lockett

We had a great time at the Texas State Aquarium and we took lots of amazing pictures of the animals inside that were alive. As we were leaving and walking down the pathway outside, the bronze statue of the two sea otters and the submerged concrete whale made me sad. These wonderful little sea otters could be the last of their kind one day. Further down the path there is a concrete whale submerged in a cobblestone area that spouts out water. I wondered what type of whale it was, if it was the last of its kind, and if this was what its future could be. These amazing animals were preserved in time and what if that is all that was left of them on our planet. If humans do not start paying attention and really start doing something to protect them and their habitat, this could be a very sad reality.  #SeaOtterLivesMatter and #WhaleLivesMatter too! 

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