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From Nature to History at the Fulton Mansion

Our Coastal Challenge at the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site and Harriet's Garden.
Team El Lockett

This challenge was very fun, but sad because it is one of the last in our homeschool studies for my fourth grade year. We will be doing more nature and science things,  but will be focusing more on History for the year. So this challenge was a transition to learning. I loved Harriet's Garden because I learned about some plants I hadn't seen before, but also was reacquainted with some that I had learned about. Also,  I could see how oyster shells were used in the pathways and amazed to see that it was used inside the house as insulation. We were taken back in time in the home with a Victorian Era Funeral and Viewing of George Fulton. We were told about superstitions that were observed. Clocks were stopped at the time of a person's death and weren't restarted until they were buried, windows and mirrors were covered with black fabric,  and wreaths were made from the deceased person's hair. This was an appropriate challenge right before Halloween. It was educational and creepy at the same time! 

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