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Lunch with a Butterfly

All of Team El Lockett came out for the Coastal: Habitat Exploration-Nueces Delta Preserve Challenge.
Team El Lockett

I identified two tracks at the Nueces Delta Preserve. One was a White-Tailed Deer and the other was the Common Raccoon. Both tracks were about 3 inches in length and at the pond's water edge. The bird that I sketched was the Great Blue Heron, who has blue and brown feathers.  It's beak is blackish blue with an orange underside. It's beak looks like a sword. We saw other animals like the Turkey vulture, Black vulture, a roadrunner, a Fiddler crab, a Great Egret, a Wingless Wasp, Dung Beetle, and a Walking Stick. My favorite was the Queen Butterfly that hung out on me while we wate eating lunch. We enjoyed a sandwich and cranrasins together!  

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