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Photo Chasing Adventures

Photo Chasing Adventures
All Saints Walk the Way

We are a group who like to get together and take nature photos. We tried to upload some pictures and have not had any luck so far. In the event that we are not able to, we are also going to share some descriptions of some of our favorite shots for each challenge.

August 20 Oso Wetlands - favorite subjects were the painted buntings, humming birds, a great blue herron sitting and some vultures on the sand bars.

August 27  Port Aransas Jetties -- on this rainy morning we were treated to some migrating shore birds resting on the beach, a rainbow and a Pelican who sat on                 post and posed for us

August 27  Leonabelle Turnbull, Charlies Pasture and Paradise Pond - Great Egret posed for us at Leonelle Turnbull and we were very surprised to find Paradise                 Pond all dried up.  We were glad to learn it fills back up with tne next big rain

September 3 Lake Corpus Christi- lots of butterfly pictures and cardinals and hummingbirds at the bird trail.

September 17  Botanical Gardens- Most interesting photos on this day were of a Wood Stork and a tortoise along the walking trails

September 24  Hazel Bazemore- Enjoyed taking pictures of the birds in the show and a javelina eating the corn set out for the birds near the observation deck

October 1 Goose Island and Fulton Mansion- Favorite pictures were of Osprey at Goose Island and the gardens at Fulton Mansion

October 15 Aransas Wildlife Refuge - lots of fun butterfly pictures, Eastern Phoebe, Kestrel, Goldenrod Crab Spider, Osprey and only 1 alligator!

October 22 Nueces Delta Preserve - The Hawks were the most fun here. One of our photo chasers was able to get a series of shots of a Hawk trying to hunt a                  duck in the pond and the duck dove and escaped the hawk!

We very much enjoyed our photo chasing adventures during these challenges. I will try again to post pictures, but this may be the only way we will be able to share this year. 

Thanks for the Challenge!






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