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Join this family-friendly nature competition and adventure across Texas.

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Mother’s Day Adventure

Have you thought about what your family will do for Mother’s Day this year? Why not begin your Nature Challenge adventure by visiting one of our botanic gardens?

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New for this 2016 challenge year - badges.

2016 Central Texas Nature Challenge

Join this family-friendly nature competition and adventure across Central Texas. The kick-off event will take place April 23rd from 9am until Noon and the Austin Nature & Science Center. From Waco to San Marcos and all parts in between get outside and explore Central Texas natural areas.

Welcome to Nature Challenge North Texas!

Hello North Texas! We are thrilled to be back after a brief hiatus from Nature Challenge and are excited to introduce everyone to a new set of challenges. From garden exploration to nature journaling, from geocaching to a photo hunt, Nature Challenge North Texas has everything you need to immerse your family in the outdoors. You’ll have a blast visiting new places and discovering your family’s wild side.

A spooky Halloween treat.

Looking at the Aquarium with new eyes

Indians, coordinates and wildlife. Oh My!

GPS Technology mixed with Karankawa knowledge...What a wonderful mix.

Who you gonna call?? . . . . Ghost Busters

Great time to visit the “Blue Ghost” and get a feel for all it’s impressive history.

Halloween at the Aquarium

Rains chased everyone indoors so Phil visited the Halloween Aquarium today.

Oso Wetlands Challenge(1)

We had fun trying to fill in ALL of the Photo Safari squares and had to be rather creative in doing so. The only reptile we could find, for example, was the picture of the snake on one of the park signs. We very much enjoyed this challenge.

Corpus Christi Bayfront

Some of us walk the Corpus Christi Bay front multiple days a week for exercise. All but one of these pictures were captured with our cell phones as we do not typically take our cameras with us on these walks. You can get some great pictures with cell phones! The most unusual thing we found on these walks was a big blue crab climbing up a Palm tree!