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more pictures at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute


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University of Texas Marine Science Explorer the Estuary

For this challenge everyone in the family came out for the adventure except my dad. Everything I saw had a lesson and everything I learned either applied or will apply to other challenges.

Party Gloves & Berries

Our Coastal:Explorer the Wildlife of the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve Challenge was a lot of fun. We saw birds, bees, plants, toads, snakes & so much more with Sara as our guide.

Opening Ceremony 2016!

We enjoyed our time together as a family getting ready to be out in nature! Aug 13, 2016

Snap A Kritter

We just finished our 2nd challenge! Go Team Gilmore!!!

Coastal: Animal Detectives-Goose Island State Park

This was our challenge at Goose Island. We weren't there very long because the mosquitos were real bad despite the repellents we were using. I also became Junior Ranger for Texas State Parks while we were there.

Coastal:Snap a Kritter-Wildlife in Focus-Kritters 4 Kids

This challenge took a little time for me because there were things I had seen during other challenges that have also been in books I've read that are important to the environment & of historical importance to Texas. So, when I saw these things, I researched them more, had to find them, & had to draw one because it isn't in bloom until February or March.

Doe a Deer, Alligator, & More at the #AransasNWR

Coastal:Capture the Moment-Aransas National Wildlife Refuge pictures by team member Emily (9) & her Momma Tiffany

Garden Girl Saves Paradise Pond from the evil Brazilian Pepper Tree

We went to the Joan and Scott Paradise Pond in Port Aransas and I focused my attention on an invasive plant that threatens the life of other plants, animals, & humans at the center.

Coastal:Jetty Exploration Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Bureau

Team El Lockett's Port Aransas South Jetty Exploration by Emily