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Fill a Yellow Bag

Braving the fierce cold to clean up our beach!

Nature Exploration and Journaling

A trip out to the Nueces Delta Preserve

The Shape Of Things

Family meet up to visit the Urban Xeriscape Garden

Leaf Prints

Fishing tournament in the AM, arts & crafts in the PM

Butterflies & Host Plants

The Connie Hager Cottage Sactuary (in the cold)

South Texas Tree Find

Conner Museum and trees of south texas

Fish Find!

Visiting the Texas Maritime Museum

Caribbean Animal Survey at the Texas State Aquarium

We saw lots of birds, sting rays, fish, sharks, dolphins, jelly fish, sea turtles and more!

South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

We went to the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center for the first time on Sunday! We loved it so much that we purchased a yearly pass!

Take A Hike- Rockport Memorial Park

We visited Rockport Memorial Park to hike some trails! While we were exploring, we found lots of tiny toads, a lizard and lot of fun trees with winding branches! We made a map of the trail that we walked. At the end of our walk, we played on the really fun playground! The boys loved all the climbing structures! We r

Victorians and Nature- The Fulton Mansion

We visited the Fulton Mansion in Rockport! We learned that it was damaged in Hurricane Harvey and is still being repaired. Nevertheless, we had a fabulous time! We did a scavenger hunt, built a bridge and dressed up like cowboys! We enjoyed seeing how houses were built long ago. When we walked through the beautif