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Texas State Symbol Scavenger Hunt

Our Make Your Own Challenge this year is a scavenger hunt. Find the Texas flag and eleven state symbols.

Enjoying the Water at Splash!

Our recommendation for this challenge: bring extra clothes, drawing materials, and cash.

Ant Experiment Compromise for the Tender-Hearted

Our youngest team member was against "sacrificing" ants, so we compromised, photographing the ants instead of sealing them in a freezer bag. Challenge Tips: 1) ALLERGY ALERT: The cookies contain TREE NUTS. 2) Put a rock on each card, because it may not be windy when you lay out the cards, but Central Texas weather can change rapidly.

Learning More About Rock Identification

My top tip is to try this challenge. It's easy, fun, and educational! And the BEG staff are very helpful!

Continuing Traditions at Umlauf Sculpture Gardens

Our top tips: 1) Look up Andy Goldsworthy's work. 2) Bring a container for collecting natural materials.

Learning Lots at the Austin Zoo

Top tips: 1. Check out Groupon for a deal. 2. Check the schedule for animal feeding/enrichment times. 3. Many eyes make answering 35 questions easier.

Getting Wet at McKinney Falls

We heard the falls before we saw them last week. It's beautiful right now! Our top tip: Bring a change of clothes and a towel (especially if it's swimming weather).

Lady Bugs! Citizen Scientist Challenge

Where we are finding ladybugs. Our top tips for this challenge: use a camera that can take macro photos well and get help counting those spots!

New Places to Explore at ANSC

We've been to ANSC countless times and each summer (through the challenges) we discover new features the center has to offer.

Nature Center Challenge Tips

Top Tip: Get a map from the Visitor Pavilion.

Challenge #1 Letterboxing at ANSC -2015

We took Annie on a 5 stop geocached scavenger hunt at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Each cache had clues and coordinates to help us find them, and the cache included a memo log, stamp, and questions to answer. It was super easy, ended at the giant dinosaur sand pit and we had a lovely time!