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Until Next Year...

Our favorite challenges, what we learned, the challenges we missed, and the wild surprises we had along the way.

Tree Time Doesn't Take Much Time

It doesn't take too long, and you'll be surprised by what you learn about your tree. Our tip: record bark texture and leaf shape by making crayon rubbings.

Short Stop at Cameron Park in Waco

Our top tip: Six of the ten features are handicap accessible, so you can drive right up to them. (This will save tired little legs.)

Tree Search at the Austin Nature Science Center

Did you know that all 12 trees listed on the Central Texas Tree Search can be found at one location?

The Illusive Walnut Creek Geocache

We have attempted this challenge 3 times and still have only found 1 out of the 8 geocaches. What to do when your having trouble with a challenge and off trail advice.

McKinney Falls in April

This was the first challenge we did in early April. We had five homeschooling families come out to become Jr Rangers that day.


Mission accomplished!

Nature's Notebook Challenge

This challenge is designed to introduce participants to phenology as a practice of observing. Join our project with Nature's Notebook and learn about the fine art of noticing.

Texas Nature Challenge Observations

For part of our 2015 "Create Your Own Challenge" we have created an Texas Nature Challenge Observations project. Join our efforts and share your nature observations to our community project.

Nature Nights 7/09/15

Nature Night at the Wildflower Center. The theme: water. The result: mixed.

Cloudy Day at Cameron Park Zoo

Our top tip: the challenge starts around #15 on the zoo map.