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Sensory Exploration at the South Texas Botanical Garden Challenge

Using my five senses to explorer the Sensory Garden at The South Texas Botanical Garden

The Kapok Tree South Texas Botanical Garden Challenge

Describing the Kapok & it's uses.

S. Texas Botanical Garden Challenge Opening Ceremonies

Our homeschooling science, nature, local community projects begin with the Opening Ceremony at the South Texas Botanical Gardens. Our first challenge is done and was fun!!!

Coastal Bend Opening Ceremonies

A few photos from our Opening Ceremonies plus news articles!

The Adventure Begins

August 13 South Texas Botanical Gardens Opening Ceremony

Botanical Garden kick-off party

The kick off ceremony was a great way to discover what we should be looking for during each adventure

Kleb Woods Nature Preserve

Native plants and birds

Make your own Challenge: The Farmer's Market

Make your own challenge that can be done at any Farmer's Market!

Lady Bird Day

Learning about nature at the Wildflower Center on Lady Bird Day.

Purple Martin Party

Third year going to see the Purple Martins!

The Umlauf

Free summer at the Umlauf - building a cabin for ants.