The 2007 Attack from the Black training video encourages firefighters to think ahead—not just in the moment—while fighting wildfires, and stresses the importance of wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment. The video is available online on our YouTube Channel. The training video includes fire re-enactments on sand tables, which are proven training tools used by Texas A&M Forest Service. This learning tool helps firefighters think about initial attack strategies, contingency plans and safety zones.Attack From The Black


    Below are examples of real fire scenarios you will find in the video.


     + FM 890 Fire

     FM 890 FIRE



    It is Nov. 30 at 1300 hours, and you have been dispatched to a fire near FM 890. There are two houses currently being threatened by the fire.

    Fuel Type: Grass and scattered Brush

    Terrain: Fairly level with some small mounds

    Weather: Temperature 47°F; RH 27%; Wind NE 9 mph; Haines Index 5

    Fire Behavior: Rapid spread, very active front

    Resources: 2 Pumpers (Type 1), 3 Booster Trucks (Type 6), 1 Command Truck 


     + I-40 Fire

     I-40 FIRE



    It is March 12, and your department has just been dispatched to a fire near FM 273 in Gray County. Dispatch sends you to the address of the corner of 273 and a dirt road with a gate. There are 2 homes and a horse barn. The fire is spreading toward your location.

    Fuel Type: Grass, but the fire is about to hit a tree line of mostly juniper trees.
    There are also trees around the houses.

    Terrain: Fairly flat terrain

    Fire Behavior: Very active fire behavior, the fire is spreading fairly fast

    Weather: Temperature 71°F; RH 12%; Wind SW 28 mph; Haines Index 5

    Resources: 1 Command Truck, 3 Booster Trucks (Type 6)


     + Shaw Road Fire




    It is Nov. 27 at 1400 hours, and you have just been dispatched to help another unit in your department in fighting a grass fire.

    Fuel Type: Tall grass, some woods

    Terrain: Fairly level, pasture land

    Weather: Temperature 84° F; RH 40%; Wind S 16–18 mph; Haines Index 5

    Fire Behavior: Active spread, 8 ft. flame heights

    Resources: 2 Booster Trucks (Type 6), 3 Pumpers (Type 1)



     + Tri-County Fire




    It is July 10 at about 0900 hours, and your department has been dispatched to a fire that is in the same area that you were at the day before. Yesterday’s fire was fairly active, and after a few hours of mop-up you called it contained and went home.

    Fuel Type: Grass and Brush mix, mostly grass

    Terrain: Fairly level with a shallow gully near by

    Fire Behavior: Fairly active behavior with spotting in front of the head

    Weather: Temperature 96° F; RH 29%; Winds NE 7–9 mph; Haines Index 5

    Resources: 4 Booster Trucks (Type 6), 2 Water Tenders