• Since 1915, landowner assistance and emergency response have been the primary duties of Texas A&M Forest Service. Today, this commitment continues with offices and agency personnel  located throughout the state.  

    Through landowner assistance programs like the Forest Stewardship Program, TFS focuses on providing education and technical advice in areas such as timber management and harvesting, fire, insects and diseases and invasive species. 
    Through the Forest Stewardship Program, a forester will meet with you on your property to discuss your land objectives and how to meet those objectives by developing a management plan. By working with a TFS forester you can take pride in knowing that your land management plan addresses numerous resource elements including timber, water, wildlife, forest health and more. Successful implementation of the plan often results in being recognized as a Certified Forest Steward.

    TFS supports professional land management service providers and vendors who can give you more specific management information, technical guidance, and provide land management services. If you are a landowner interested in tailoring a list of professional land management service providers or vendors for your area and the land management services you need, you can go to My Land Management Connector. If you are a professional land management service provider or a vendor who provides services to private landowners and you are interested in being listed by TFS, please go to My Land Management Connector and sign up.