The following is information on Forest Landowner Resources including Forest Certification Programs, Find a Forester, Find a Logger and Join a Forestry Association.


     + Explore Forest Certification Programs

    Forest management certifications are designed to identify and recognize well-managed forest lands.
    There are several forest certification programs. Although they share some common approaches and concerns, they highlight different issues.

    Three of the more commonly used forest certification programs are:

    •    American Tree Farm System
    •    Sustainable Forestry Initiative
    •    Forest Stewardship Council



     + Find a Professional Land Management Service Provider or Land Management Vendor

    Professional land management service providers can provide services for landowners including consulting, management plans, timber stand maps, timber inventories, timber value estimates, reforestation and prescribed burn services, and many other forestry and land management services. Land management vendors can provide some of the forestry and land management services that a professional land management service provider recommends.  


     + Find a Logger

    Pro Logger certified contractors ensure environmentally friendly logging operations and management techniques. The Texas Logging Council and Texas Forestry Association sponsor the Texas Pro Logger Certification Program.


     + Join a Forestry Association

    Joining a local or state forestry association provides networking opportunities with local landowners and service providers, current information on natural resource politics/policies, conservation and timber management.

    Texas Forestry Association is the non-profit trade association for Texas forestry. It is guided by a conservation philosophy and offers programs for almost every Texan interested in conservation, business, history, education, wildlife and more.

    Forest Landowners Association is a leading advocate promoting the rights of all private landowners—regardless of size, corporate structure, location, certification status or tax classification.