Stewardship FAQs:


     + What Does Forest Stewardship Mean?

    Forest Stewardship is the active management of forests and related resources to keep lands in a productive and healthy condition for present and future generations, and to increase economic, environmental and social benefits. The Forest Stewardship Program addresses the improvement and maintenance of timber, wildlife, soil and water, recreation, aesthetics and forage resources on private lands through landowner assistance.


     + What Kind of Services Are Offered?

    TFS Personnel are available to answer forest-related questions and give technical assistance by phone, email or site visit. You, as a landowner can have a Forest Stewardship Plan written for your property to help you manage your land and meet your goals. After implementing some of the practices in a plan, you can apply to become a Certified Forest Steward

    Professional management service (PDF, 66KB) companies can also write management plans for landowners to follow.


     + How Much Does It Cost?

    There is no out of pocket cost for TFS landowner assistance, plan preparation or Certified Forest Steward programs. 


    Private forestry consultants may charge a fee for services provided including plan preparation. Landowners are encouraged to use private forestry consultants for these services, however, because they will conduct a forest inventory on your property, providing information on the area and volume of your forestland. Private forestry consultants (PDF, 66KB) can continue to work on your behalf in all aspects of forest management including timber marketing, harvest and reforestation.


     + How Much Time Will It Take?

    Depending upon the size of your property, a site visit by TFS can take from two to four hours. Private forestry consultants will typically want additional time by themselves on the property to thoroughly measure and inventory the trees. Plan preparation back in the office often takes between two weeks and two months because the work time needs to be incorporated into other ongoing duties such as fighting fire.


     + What Help Is Available to Implement a Management or Stewardship Plan

    TFS programs are primarily focused on landowner education. Workshops are often held to help landowners better understand specific topics and land management practices. Private forestry consultants (PDF, 66KB) and East Texas forestry vendors (PDF, 191KB) are available to help landowners with on-the-ground implementation of plan practices.