January 26, 2023 

    Rusk County logger indicted in timber fraud case

    COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A logging contractor has been indicted by a Rusk County grand jury on a state jail felony charge of timber purchase as trustee with intent to defraud.

    Terry Aron Beall, 57, of Henderson, doing business as 2-Beall Logging, is accused of stealing between $500 and $20,000 in proceeds from a timber sale from a Rusk County landowner in 2021.

    Beall had an agreement with the landowner to harvest timber from the property; however, the landowner contacted the Texas A&M Forest Service Law Enforcement Department after noticing discrepancies in the paperwork provided by Beall after the harvest.

    After a lengthy investigation, it was determined the landowner was not being compensated for all of the timber removed from the property, Texas A&M Forest Service Law Enforcement Investigator Mike Kuhnert said.

    Kuhnert stressed the importance for landowners to protect their investment by monitoring all harvest activities, including having a wood accountability system in place requiring proof of documentation. This can be achieved by the landowner or by utilizing the services of a consulting forester, which is recommended.

    “It’s always important to trust your gut,” Kuhnert said. “When your gut is telling you something isn’t right, it’s always a good idea to do some research and see what’s going on.”

    An indictment is not a finding of guilt; rather, the grand jury determined enough evidence exists to warrant a trial.

    To prevent timber theft, landowners should:
    • Visit their property frequently.
    • Have someone they know and trust report any cutting on their land immediately.
    • Never sign a contract without checking several references of the buyer.
    • For the best price, insist on getting bids for their timber.
    • Mark all property lines to assure cutting on adjacent property does not encroach on theirs.
    • Utilize trail/deer cameras on their property that can record suspicious activity or individuals.
    • Always hold their timber contractor to the agreed-upon terms.

    Landowners who are unfamiliar with selling their timber are urged to contact their local Texas A&M Forest Service office. Texas A&M Forest Service field staff assists landowners with the process of securing the services of a professional resource manager to help select trees for harvest, estimate values and find potential buyers.

    To report suspected timber theft or suspicious activity, call the Texas A&M Forest Service law enforcement timber theft hotline at 1-800-364-3470.

    For more information, visit

    The Texas A&M Forest Service law enforcement department works diligently with local officials to help bring those responsible for timber theft and other violations of the natural resources code to justice. 

    Texas A&M Forest Service contacts:
    Mike Kuhnert, Law Enforcement Investigator, Texas A&M Forest Service, 936-546-3452,
    Texas A&M Forest Service Communications Office, 979-¬458-6606,