Wildland Fire Careers

Discover a broad range of challenging wildland fire jobs.

Frequently Available Positions

FIRE COORDINATOR - This position interacts regularly with local government, helps train and equip area fire departments, and works with local communities to reduce potential wildfire risks. The Fire Coordinator also serves as an emergency responder, including all hazards, natural disasters, as well as wildland fire. The Fire Coordinator requires knowledge in fire science, emergency management, public administration, and emergency management.

WILDLAND URBAN INTERFACE SPECIALIST (WUI) - The Wildland-Urban Interface is the area where human development meet up with wildlands; an area where wildfires can affect developed lands. The Specialist focuses on providing proactive mitigation and prevention programs to local governments, fire departments, and citizens. They work with a wide range of people to complete mitigation planning and establish programs and practices.

RESOURCE SPECIALIST - Mostly a field-related job, the Resource Specialist supports the Forester with delivery of all programs. This could include working with landowners, preparing maps, collecting property data, writing forest management plans, wildfire education, wildland firefighting, and disaster response.