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Directors Awards

The Director’s Awards recognize exceptional professionalism and service within the Texas A&M Forest Service. The Director’s Awards Committee reviews nominations and selects the employee most deserving of recognition by the Director. Click on the links below for each award to learn more about each award and to view the past recipients.

D. A. “Andy” Anderson I & E Award - To recognize Texas A&M Forest Service employees who have done an outstanding job of helping Texans become more aware of and better informed about the importance of conserving Texas’ forest resources through wise use, protection and reforestation practices.

Charles Krenek Award for Resource Specialist - To recognize a Resource Specialist who demonstrates exceptional activities in support of district objectives.

Director’s Award for Support Staff - To recognize that individual in a support position who demonstrates exceptional accomplishments in support of agency objectives. This award is presented in three categories: office, field and professional.

Director’s Award for Technical Forestry - To recognize a forester employed by the Texas A&M Forest Service who has excelled in delivering a complete program.

Director’s Team Effort Award - The agency wants to encourage employees to pursue interdivisional collaboration wherever possible and will reward your efforts. The purpose of this award is to recognize interdivisional ‘collaboration excellence’ and ‘collaboration acceptance’.