Texas A&M Forest Service News http://tfsweb.tamu.edu This is the syndication feed for Texas A&M Forest Service News. Texans can prevent the spread of oak wilt disease <p> COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Oak wilt is one of the most destructive tree diseases in the United States, and it has been known to kill oak trees in Central Texas at epidemic proportions. Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service urges Texans, hunters in particular, to take preventative measures and be cautious when collecting and pu</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29726 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29726 Texas firefighters head to California again to help fight deadly wildfires <p> Some 200 firefighters in 50 engines from 47 Texas fire departments in 23 counties will head to California to help fight three major wildfires that have taken at least 29 lives, destroyed more than 6,700 structures and prompted evacuations for about 250,000 Californians. “When the call came into Texas this summer </p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29670 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29670 Texas A&amp;M Forest Service employees gather at annual personnel meeting <p> COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Approximately 500 Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service employees gathered today at the agency’s annual personnel meeting. The meeting was held at the Frank W. Mayborn Civic &amp;amp; Convention Center in Temple, Texas. Agrilife Vice Chancellor Dr. Patrick Stover and Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Susan B</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29666 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29666 Texans celebrate Arbor Day in “Sun City” <p> Nov. 2, 2018 — EL PASO, Texas — Texans from across the state gathered today in the high desert city of El Paso to celebrate the State Arbor Day and the importance of a community’s tree canopy. Today’s celebration, themed Growing our Desert Canopy, is a nod to the City’s mission to have safe and beautiful neighbor</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29627 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29627 Houston residents will receive free trees to replace those destroyed by Hurricane Harvey <p> COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service will host an upcoming Tree Recovery event in Houston as part of the NASCAR Green Race for Trees Campaign. This year, the campaign will distribute 500 trees in Houston to replace those that were damaged and destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Area residents may</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29576 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29576 Funds available for forest thinning through Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program <p> Funds Available for Forest Thinning Through Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service is now accepting applications for the 2018 Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Prevention Program Thinning Cost-Share. Through this program, eligible forest landowners can receive</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29536 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29536 Texas A&amp;M Forest Service examines the relationship between lumber and timber prices <p> COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Landowners may wonder what the record-high lumber prices in the first half of 2018 signal for timber prices. This historically high lumber price leads many to expect higher prices for standing timber, however, the association between lumber and timber prices is loose over short time span</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29463 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29463 The Arbor Day Foundation’s Texas Community Tree Recovery Campaign Distributes Free Trees to Local Texas Residents Affected by Hurricane Harvey <p> The Arbor Day Foundation’s Texas Community Tree Recovery Campaign Distributes Free Trees to Local Texas Residents Affected by Hurricane Harvey Arbor Day Foundation Program Helps Rebuild and Beautify Communities One Tree at a Time &#160; Port Aransas, TX (October 15, 2018) &#160;– The Arbor Day Foundation’s</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29446 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=29446 Texas firefighters head to California to help fight deadly wildfires <p> August 7, 2018 — COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Some 98 firefighters from 29 Texas fire departments in 20 counties will head to California this week to fight wildfires that have burned more than 750,000 acres. The deployment is an activation of the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) for wildfire suppression </p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28952 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28952 Texas A&amp;M Forest Service Honored for Achievement in GIS <p> SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 11, 2018 — Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, presented Texas A&amp;M Forest Service with their Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award on July&#160;11 at the annual Esri User Conference. Selected from over 300,000 eligible candidates, Texas A&amp;M Forest Service</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28798 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28798 Firefighters gather in East Texas for annual Wildland Fire Training Academy <p> LUFKIN, Texas – More than 200 emergency responders will attend the 21st Annual East Texas Wildfire and Incident Management Academy over the next two weeks to improve their knowledge and skills for combating wildfires and managing the complex, large scale disasters that often occur in Texas.&#160; The East Texas </p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28515 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28515 2018 Texas Arbor Day host city announced <p> EL PASO, Texas — In Texas, the official state Arbor Day celebration is held in a different host city each year on the first Friday in November. Today, on National Arbor Day, Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service announced that this year’s state celebration will be hosted in El Paso, Texas. Across the Lone Star State</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28377 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28377 Wildfire Outbreak Forecast for Tuesday <p> April 16, 2018 — COLLEGE STATION, Texas — There is high probability of a significant wildfire outbreak in West Texas and the Panhandle Tuesday, April 17 with elevated to critical wildfire conditions present today. The areas of concern include Amarillo, Ft. Stockton, and Midland/Odessa. “With these con</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28344 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=28344 Fire truck donated to hurricane-damaged Port Aransas Volunteer Fire Department <p>Port Aransas Volunteer Fire Department received a fire truck today, donated by the Philomont Volunteer Fire Department from Virginia.</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=27804 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=27804 Wildfire training academy to be held in Bastrop <p> &#160; October 7, 2016—BASTROP, Texas—Firefighters from across the country will travel to Camp Swift to attend one of the country’s premiere interagency wildfire academies. The 19th annual Capital Area Interagency Wildfire and Incident Management Academy, fondly known as the Bastrop Academy, will take place Oct.</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25247 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25247 More than 15 million awarded in grants to fire departments <p> Oct. 6, 2016 – COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Texas fire departments received more than $15 million in grants Wednesday through the Texas A&amp;M Forest Service Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program . I</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25209 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25209 Texans get to celebrate ‘holiday for trees’ on Nov. 4 <p> Oct. 4, 2016 — COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texans across the Lone Star State are invited to celebrate Arbor Day Nov. 4. Arbor Day is a holiday for trees – it is the perfect day to plant trees and to celebrate all the ways that trees enrich our lives, communities and landscapes.</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25164 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25164 New app developed for forestry professionals in Texas <p>For the first time, foresters, landowners and contractors in Texas can now access guidelines for practicing sustainable forestry on their mobile devices.&#160;</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25112 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25112 Communication is Key to Johnson&#39;s Success <p>Earlier today the National Association of State Foresters presented a communications achievement award to Texas A&amp;M Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator Paul Johnson.&#160;</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25096 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25096 Partnerships and community involvement help Texas High School win $10 Million in ‘XQ Super School’ Contest <p>&#160; HOUSTON, Texas — The wait is over. The announcement has come. Furr High School is an XQ America Super School. And although this may be new news to most Texans – the recognition did not happen overnight.</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25052 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=25052 Texans to celebrate Arbor Day 2016 in the state&#39;s oldest town <p> Aug. 24, 2016 Texans to celebrate Arbor Day 2016 in the state’s oldest town Congratulations to the City of Nacogdoches, Texas for being selected as the Texas Arbor Day 2016 host city.&#160;</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=24789 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=24789 Paul Johnson, Crusader: Changing how we talk about trees <p>Texas A&amp;M Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program Coordinator Paul Johnson has discovered that it is not enough for communities to sustainably manage and care for the urban forest.</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=24724 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=24724 Grant funds available for prescribed burning <p> August 20, 2015&#160; — COLLEGE STATION, Texas&#160; — &#160;East Texas landowners may now be reimbursed for helping to reduce overgrown vegetation on their lands. In an effort to reduce wildfire hazards on private property, Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service is offering grants to conduct prescribed burning. Strategically-planne</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=22375 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=22375 Plan My Land Operation online tool now available <p> May 13, 2015—COLLEGE STATION, Texas—Want to put in a road on your land? Protect your water resources? Enhance wildlife, harvest trees or clear vegetation? Texas A&amp;amp;M Forest Service’s newest online tool, Plan My Land Operation, is designed to help you protect your property and ensure sustainability as you begin you</p> https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=21849 https://tfsweb.tamu.edu/content/article.aspx?id=21849