Simtable is a digital sandtable with customized agent-based models that provide a truly interactive experience in all-hazards simulations, particularly wildfire.

    Simtable utilizes the data from an area of interest defined by the user to run fire simulations based on the changes in fuel types and density, slope, and wind speed and direction. Other simulation scenarios include water run-off, watersheds, plume emissions, etc.

     + Uses
    • Wildfire Prevention, Mitigation & Suppression Community Outreach Workshops
    • Wildfire Training
     + Procedure

    If you’d like to schedule a workshop or training exercise, please email the Mitigation & Prevention Department representative of your area, the Emergency Operations Center, or the Fire/Incident Management Training Unit with your request. Include the type of event, the event date and time, any other information that may be relevant (objectives, target audience, etc.), and available infrastructure (minimum requirements include power accessibility, internet connectivity, and a covered area).

    Individuals interested in training to conduct a workshop or event, please email