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Fire Ants to Pelican Porch

Coastal: Wetlands Wonder Challenge - Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve and Learning Center
Team El Lockett

 In the parking lot I saw a rabbit

And out of instinctive habit

Tried to take a picture,

But it sped off because it was quicker.

We got into the Visitor Center and

I saw chryrosprase, kinetic sand,

And petrified wood that looked pale.

Once we were on the trail,

Our scavenger hunt continued

With a lizard that was rude.

We followed fire ants undere a hot, fiery, torch

All the way to Pelican Porch.

Not much to see with a keen eye,

But a dragon and butterfly.

On our way to Osprey Overlook,

I saw a cactus that bore remnants of a prickly pear. I say,

The hike at Oso Bay

Wetlands Preserve

Reminded us that we should all conserve!


By Emily Lockett-Salazar

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