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Celebration of Flight awesome

Lots of questions and answers about sand, birds, and other animals
CC Park Quest

The animal demonstration didn't go well. The 2 youngest teammates were a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle too wiggly to sit and listen. So we abandoned that activity and set out to check out all the others.

-Hawk Watch pavillion - Mr Dane showed us about hawks. We saw what thier talons can look like and how they are related to velicoraptors! He even showed us a fossil tooth and how it looks similiar to a modern raptor beak.

-Sand Detective station - Gabe got to make observations about the size, color, and shape of different sand samples. From our observations and help from the table leader, we learned his sample is from a beach with small waves, and made of shell, coral, and dirt particles. He liked looking under the magnifying glass to see the sand grains more clearly.

-Adeline enjoyed seeing the baby turtle and noticing the various animal skeletons.

-Hummingbirds! The little ones enjoyed pointing them out to anyone who would follow thier fingers.


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