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Tree Search & Conner Museum

Adventure in Kingsville and tree identifying is hard
CC Park Quest

New to us museum in Kingsville. The young teammates enjoyed the hands on exhibits about life as a rancher. Sitting on a saddle, pretending to milk a cow, and the animal habitats.

The tree identification is more difficult. We found a Mexican Ash in the Urban Xeriscape. We noticed that crapemyrtles are used for landscaping around town. Retamas and Honey Mesquites can look alike, but if you get close to the leaves and seed pods, you will see a difference. There was a rio grande palmetto on the TAMK campus.

And of course the live oaks are fun to spot. We are sad to see so many fallen over when we visit in Rockport. Still looking for the Cedar Elm, and learning the difference between the Anacua and Anacahuita. We've yet to notice a mountian laurel.

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