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ABC National Junior Ranger

Coastal: Become a Junior Ranger (PINS) - Padre Island National Seashore
Team El Lockett

At the Malaquite Visitor Center we

Become Underwater Junior Rangers.

Carefully reading the pamphlet, I discovered Rangers

Did something for an

Enviorment filled with

Fish, sharks, lionfish, coral polyp ,and even


Helping nature is a crucial task.                                                                                                       

I, as a

Junior Ranger, will try to

Keep our beaches clean, so we

Left to go do a beach cleanup. 

Making ourway to the seashore

Nestled between the sand dunes,

Our path lead us to

Plenty of debris.

Quahogs, sandpipers, and seaweed was

Relative to the eye as we

Searched, but

Trash was scattered around


Very quickly, we picked up

Water bottles, soda can rings,

Xtra clothes detergent bottles, and

Yards of styrofoam.

Zillions of years from now, I hope our efforts pay off.


By Emily Lockett-Salazar

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