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A Hot Day at the Botanical Gardens

Talking birds, butterfly garden, and playground were the highlights of this adventure!
Team Bean

Hi. We went to the Botanical Gardens and then we went to the playground. We even went to the butterfly garden and I named some butterflies Flyer and Flappy. Flappy rhymes with slappy! There were monarchs and queens that were orange and have spots and even straight lines. In the sensory garden we paid attention to our 5 senses. We saw flowers and trees. We heard creaking swings and chirping birds. We smelled flowers and herbs. We touched those spikey things on a tree stump. I even tasted a flower! It tasted bad. We saw some birds and parrots at the botanical gardens. One nodded his head! I got to hold a bird named Minion. Some of the birds talked to us and said "Hello" and "Bye bye." I want to have a talking bird at my house! We also touched some snakes. It was a very hot day and a lot of fun.   -G, age 5

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