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Camping at Coleto Creek

While camping we completed THREE nature challenges!
Team Bean

This past weekend we went camping at Coleto Creek where we completed THREE nature challenges! We had an awesome time camping. We slept in a tent, cooked our food over a fire, played and played outside, went on nature walks, and enjoyed some delicious s'mores. Coleto Creek was a lovely campground. It had two playgrounds to play on, well maintained facilities, a lake to swim in, and an entire herd of deer that would wander through the camp at dawn and dusk. Coleto Creek is halfway between Goliad and Victoria, so one day we went into Victoria and had a wonderful time at their children's museum - we highly recommend it. The next day we went into Golia for some ice cream!

The first nature challenge we accomplished was making a leaf print with leaves we found around our campsite. We used the Trees of Texas website to identify the leaves.

The second challenge was Snap a Kritter - Wildlife in Focus. We saw 'kritters' in all 6 of the categories listed, but were only able to snap pictures of three. In the attached photos, you can see we found mammals (herd of deer), landscapes (the lake sunset and a picture of the moon through the trees), and bugs/insects (spider, caterpillar, stink bug, beetle, and junk bug). The junk bug was fascinating. We had never heard of it before! We found a bug that was carrying a load of "stuff" on its back. It was quite bizarre. When we researched this little creature we discovered it is called a junk bug or aphid lion and is the larval stage of a green lacewing. The pile on its back is actually the carcasses of other bugs it killed! The bug piles the dead bodies of its prey on its back to serve as camouflage. Weird!

Finally, the last challenge we did while camping was to create our own! You can read more about it under "The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright."


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