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Victorians in nature

Historic mansion is awsome!

Take a hike

1st time at the park. It’s a great place to go for walks and exploring. Lots of flowers and butterflies.

Opening ceremonies

The boys had a great time playing with the blocks and pretending to be birds

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Challenge #9

Lake Corpus Christi

Hawk watch

Raptors are everywhere! Jayden loves the pigs! Christopher had fun looking for raptors!

Pollinator Encounter- Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Search for pollinators!

Make your own challenge! Packery Flats make up!


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We love how to sea is always changing and experiencing its variations. This fall the tide has been really high, but the other day the sea was like glass with just a small crest of a wave on the second sand bar. We took our kayaks out as a family to boat on the ocean, not just the bay or laguana, for the first time.

Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve Hunt

Lydia, 11 and Gloria, 10 enjoyed the Searching for Shelter scavenger hunt! They worked on it together without parents. They loved finding a birds' nest even though there were no babies in it. (I don't know if it is my mac but I get an error when I try to upload photos, though I see it is working for other bloggers)

Challenge #8 Hawkwatch

Hawkwatch Celebration of Flight