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Opening Cermonies 2018

A visit to Camp Aranzazu to kick off our very first Nature Challenge!

Opening Ceremonies

Nature Challenge here we go...

- Nature Cat Ahoy

Opening Ceremonies!

Laguna Atascosa

Laguna Atascosa

Feeding hummingbirds

Getting feeders ready for the morning

Bonus 4

Wildlife challenge

Tracts & scat

Tracts & scat

Nature up close

Chirping frog

Palo Alto Tracks

We found track of 2 different types of animals, we believe one was of a coyote or a big cat who had eaten cactus fruit right on the park trails the second one we guess is of a deer or a nilgai who poop and went straight to drink water from the resaca that still had water from last week rain.

Live Animal

Allison's prosthetic flipper

Happy 🌎 Sea turtle Day

Happy World Sea Turtle Day