Environmental stresses like heat, drought, flooding, lightning, animal damage, construction damage, soil compaction and wildfire make trees more susceptible to diseases. Often the best way to prevent tree diseases is to keep trees healthy.

    Oak Wilt

    DEAD TREES AROUND HOUSEOak wilt (PDF, 654KB) is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of oaks across 76 counties in Central and West Texas. An infection starts when sap-feeding beetles pick up spores from infected red oaks and carry them to fresh wounds on other oaks. Once an oak tree becomes infected, this disease can spread to adjacent oaks through root connections. All oak species are susceptible. Visit for detailed information about oak wilt, including prevention, identification and disease management.

    Hypoxylon Canker

    Diseases - HYPOXYLON CANKERHypoxylon canker (PDF, 508KB) appears as dead lesions on oak and other hardwood trees and occurs in severely stressed trees. As the tree declines, Hypoxylon kills the wood just under the bark causing the bark to slough, exposing the spore mats. Keeping trees stress-free prevents infection from this fungus.

    Root Rot

    DEAD TREES AROUND HOUSERoot rot is caused by a fungus that kills woody trunk and root tissues and fine feeder roots. Infection by root rot is often associated with previous wounding; however, it is very common in trees that are over-watered.

    Bacterial Leaf Scorch

    ORANGE-YELLOW GROWTH AT BASE OF TREEBacterial Leaf Scorch usually occurs in summer as plants come under heat and water stress. The disease can be diagnosed by the appearance of a yellow halo between the green and scorched tissue on the leaves. It is often incorrectly diagnosed as oak wilt in red oaks.


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