• Forest Action Plan  

    The 2008 Farm Bill required each state to assess the forest conditions and trends within their boundaries, delineate priority forest landscapes, and identify the issues, threats, and opportunities facing these landscapes. Five primary issues were identified based on input from interested stakeholders from across the state: 

    • Urban Forest Sustainability
    • Central Texas Woodlands Conservation
    • Sustainability of Forest Resources in East Texas
    • Water Resources
    • Wildfire and Public Safety

    From this state assessment, a forest resource strategy was developed to address these issues. Together, the assessment and strategy make up the Texas Forest Action Plan. The plan was developed based on three national themes: conserve working forests, protect forests from harm, and enhance public benefits from trees and forests. An interactive web application (Forest Action Plan) can be accessed from TexasForest Info that allows users to view the priority areas.

    Please access Forest Action Plan documents at the following links: 

    2010 Documents 
    Forest Action Plan Assessment    
    Forest Action Plan Strategy (2015 update)

    2020 Documents 
    Forest Action Plan

    Public Input and Comments Requested
    Texas A&M Forest Service is currently updating the Texas Forest Action Plan and has completed an initial draft. The agency is requesting comments on this initial draft. Please share your thoughts at the following link.
    Comments for the 2020 Draft Texas Forest Action Plan