• Forest Economics & Resource Analysis covers everything from the importance of planning future management to supporting forest-based economic development in Texas. 

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     + Resource Analysis

    Using the latest information and data analysis methods, Texas A&M Forest Service produces reports and tools to help landowners and others make informed decisions and plan future management.

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     + Forest Taxation

    Timber tax assistance, including timber income tax, timberland property tax and timber-related sales tax, is essential to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of timber resources in the state. Texas A&M Forest Service provides timber tax education and training, conducts timber tax research and assesses the implications of timber tax laws and policies.

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     + Economic Development

    The forest sector is critically important to the Texas economy, accounting for a total economic impact of $32.5 billion and 144,500 jobs. Data and analyses conducted by Texas A&M Forest Service support forest-based economic development.

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     + Wood Technology & Utilization

    Wood based industries are critical to the Texas economy. Long term value can be increased in this sector through the wise, efficient, and sustainable utilization of wood and the effective marketing of Texas forest resources.

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     + Timber Price Trends

    Timber Price Trends aims to provide timely information on timber market conditions to improve decision making and foster fair transactions that benefit both buyer and seller and encourage conservation of the timber resource.

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