Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) is an agency within The Texas A&M University System that serves the public by "protecting forest, tree, and related natural resources".

    Our mission is to provide statewide leadership and professional assistance to assure that the state's forest, tree, and related natural resources are wisely used, nurtured, protected, and perpetuated for the benefit of all Texans.

    Texas A&M Forest Service is committed to:

    Maintaining a land stewardship ethic, in which the forest, tree, and related natural resources of the state are carefully and professionally managed for long term sustainability using scientific knowledge and ecologically sound principles;

    • Promoting economic prosperity through the protection, wise use, and enhancement of the state’s forest resources
    • Developing forest/tree resources to protect life, environment, and property
    • Reducing forest and land resource losses from wildfire, insects, and disease
    • Providing detection/notification/control of forest/tree insects and disease
    • Providing wildfire prevention, detection, and suppression, and emergency response
    • Increasing volume, utilization, and awareness of forest and tree resources
    • Providing professional forestry leadership and market info for non-industrial private forest resources
    • Providing statewide leadership in environmental enhancement through management and conservation of tree and forest resources

     + Services Provided by Texas A&M Forest Service
    • Promotes sustainable forestry practices and wise use of forest resources;
    • Provides reforestation, forest management, and timber stand improvement assistance;
    • Prevents and suppresses wildfires in rural and urban wildland interface areas;
    • Provides disaster assistance in emergency situations;
    • Provides leadership and technical assistance for federal and private cost-share reforestation programs;
    • Promotes urban forestry in cities and towns through technical assistance;
    • Promotes local capacity building within volunteer fire departments through training, equipment and empowerment;
    • Works closely with the Texas Urban Forestry Council and its network of affiliated regional urban forestry councils to promote the planting and caring of trees in urban areas;
    • Provides forest disease and pest control support and technical assistance for oak wilt, southern pine beetle, and other forest pests and diseases;
    • Grows tree seedlings for tree improvement, snow fences, wildlife habitat, etc.;
    • Promotes best management practices to improve water and environmental quality;
    • Trains loggers, landowners and forestry professionals in matters of forest resources.
     + Customer Service Principles

    Texas A&M Forest Service will provide prompt, high-quality, professional service to the citizens of the state, and therefore will:

    • Conduct the activities of the TFS in a legal, open, honest, professional, courteous, efficient, and timely manner
    • Perform the mission of the TFS with the best interests of the public in mind
    • Provide an internet site address with information on agency services
    • Return telephone calls as soon as possible
    • Respond to requests for written information as soon as possible
    • Immediately route information requests to the appropriate agency even if the request does not relate to the TFS
    • Be on time for appointments or provide reasonable advance notice of the need to change an appointment
    • Provide publications, pamphlets, and presentations on agency activities
    • Provide information releases when appropriate
    • Maintain a conscientious, well-trained staff
    • Make commitments and provide acknowledgement of actions taken
    • Admit mistakes and promptly act to correct them
     + Suggestions & Complaints
    Texas A&M Forest Service welcomes all suggestions and will promptly respond to all complaints. The customer-relations contact will provide an acknowledgement of a complaint, in writing, within 10 working days and a response, in writing, will be provided within 20 working days.

    Suggestions may be received in person, by telephone, by email, or in writing to any agency employee. The employee will forward the suggestion to the appropriate person. The suggestion will be acknowledged and any follow-up will also be acknowledged.

    The Texas A&M Forest Service actively pursues customer input through its customer satisfaction survey form, which is distributed to new and existing customers on a regular basis. The survey allows the customer to rate the agency’s service and offers them a space to include personal comments.
     + Contact
    Written communication with the Texas Forest Service should be addressed to our Customer Relations Contact below.

    Customer Relations
    Texas A&M Forest Service
    200 Technology Way, Suite 1281
    College Station, TX 77845-3424

    Phone: (979) 458-6606
    Fax: (979) 458-6610