Adhering to this style guide will help ensure consistency in agency print and electronic publications, reports, articles, news releases and presentations. 
    Texas A&M Forest Service Communications uses the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law and Webster’s Dictionary as primary sources. For additional help with style issues, please contact a member of our communications team.



    Referencing Texas A&M Forest Service

    When referencing the agency, use the full agency name - Texas A&M Forest Service - in all public communications.  If we make mention of any program in social media, traditional media or other visible external mediums, use the full Texas A&M Forest Service name.  
    It is best practice to say and write out the full Texas A&M Forest Service name, BUT if you need to use an acronym in non-public communications, use TAMFS.
    Avoid the use of  TX Forest Service, the forest service, Forest Service and TFS in all situations. Use of "the agency" is acceptable if it is clear the agency is Texas A&M Forest Service.



    The website address should be written as except in press releases. In news releases use

    Texas A&M Forest Service mission

    Texas A&M Forest Service provides statewide leadership to assure the state’s trees, forests and related natural resources are protected and sustained for the benefit of all. 


    About the agency

    The following statement can be used in whole or in part as an overview about the agency and how we fulfill our mission. It is applicable for reports, news releases and other documents.

    Texas A&M Forest Service is recognized as the leader in forestry for Texas and the nation through applied programs in forest and tree development: wildfire prevention, mitigation and protection; urban and community forestry; and a host of other innovative forest sustainability programs. By collaborating with regional governments and forestry cooperators, Texas A&M Forest Service employees work to ensure the state’s forests and trees are protected and continue to provide a sustainable flow of environmental and economic benefits today and for future generations. Texas A&M Forest Service is the lead state agency for protection from wildfires and one of the  incident management agencies for state disasters. Texas A&M Forest Service has led the management of response for such incidents as the Space Shuttle Columbia recovery, Hurricanes Hanna, Harvey, Ike, Katrina, Rita and Ike and the historic 2011 wildfire season. 

    Communicating Texas A&M University System affiliation (from TAMUS Style Guidelines)

    • All A&M System universities, agencies and health science center institutions should be referred to as “members” of the system, not parts or components.
    • All universities, agencies or health science center institutions should reference their affiliation with the A&M System in text in the following manner: Texas A&M Forest Service, a member of The Texas A&M University System. 


    Referencing agency titles

    Uppercase a title when it comes before a name, but lowercase a title when it comes after a name.
    • Interim Director Al Davis
    • Al Davis, interim director of Texas A&M Forest Service

    General Style Guidelines

    Texas A&M Forest Service Communications uses general style guidelines consistent with The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. A condensed, alphabetized version is available from A&M System Communications, General Style Guidelines.