Longleaf Pine Basal Area, 2019

    Longleaf Pine in East Texas

    [Jump straight to the maps] This month’s map is a follow up to the shortleaf pine maps from November and depicts the prevalence of longleaf pine in East Texas. I used Forest Inventory and Analysis data to compute the percent basal area of longleaf pine, for trees 5” in diameter and above, on each plot at the last time it was measured (between 2015 and 2019). As with shortleaf pine, I used a color scheme that would make lower values fade into the background while accentuating higher values of at least 20% basal area. This gives a general idea of where longleaf pine occurs at what densities.

    Again following the shortleaf maps, I mapped the presence of longleaf pine trees and seedlings on FIA plots with the most recent data. To give a sense of change over time, I mapped the presence and absence of the species for historical FIA inventories as well as the last few cycles of data under the current measurement system. For these maps, I included absence as well as presence because the plot grid changed and it could be misleading to directly compare presence from, say, 1975 to 2004. Another change in the plots occurred more recently that becomes visible starting in the 2014 map – data collection was intensified on the national forests, so the plots in those locations are more dense.

    You can explore all of these maps here. You can also see the historic range of longleaf pine in East Texas here.

    Still want more? Monthly Map Monday in September and October 2018 also covered longleaf pine. And check out our longleaf conservation assistance program.


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