• In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Texas A&M Forest Service, TFS, through Texas A&M University Press, has published Famous Trees of Texas, Texas A&M Forest Service Centennial Edition. Featuring 100 Famous Trees, some old favorites and some newly designated, the book can be purchased here:

    Texas A&M Forest Service, through Texas A&M University Press, first published Famous Trees of Texas as a hardcover book in 1970. The 3rd Edition was published in 1984 and is now out of print. Its purpose—as stated in the Preface to the 3rd Edition—was, "to memorialize those trees which have been a witness to some of the exciting periods and events in Texas' frontier history."

    Famous Trees of Texas was assembled and edited by John A. Haislet Information & Education Department, Texas Forest Service (see dedication). David A. "Andy" Anderson and Loyd B. Keel made editorial contributions to the first and second editions. Hal Harris was responsible for photography, including the cover photo of The Washington Elm on the grounds of the state capitol in Austin. Mrs. Ziza Schofield contributed pen-and-ink drawings sprinkled throughout the stories and gracing the back cover.

    Free copies of the 1st Edition of Famous Trees of Texas were distributed to all schools and public libraries in Texas, made possible by the generous financial support of The Moody Foundation of Galveston, Texas. Texas A&M University Press was responsible for production and distribution. Permission to reproduce the basic map of Texas, which appears inside the covers, was obtained from A. H. Nystrom & Co.

    Although now out-of-print, you may still find a copy of the book at your local library, used bookstore, online retailer, or even the occasional yard sale. For reference, the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is 83-50814 and the International Standard Book Number is 0-89096-174-3. 

    Front Book Cover


    Front Book Cover
    Front cover showing capitol