• 1/2015 Famous Trees of Texas, Texas A&M Forest Service Centennial Edition Released

    In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Texas A&M Forest Service, TFS, through Texas A&M University Press, has published Famous Trees of Texas, Texas A&M Forest Service Centennial Edition. Featuring 100 Famous Trees, some old favorites and some newly designated, Purchase your copy at TAMU Press

    8/2012 Citizens of New Braunfels Show Support For Founders' Oak

    More than 100 people turned out for a dedication ceremony of Founders' Oak as a Famous Tree oF Texas.  Dignitaries, dancers, school children and citizens celebrated under the boughs of this magnificent tree.

    9/2011 Deaf Smith Oak Connects With the Texas Association of the Deaf

    In May of 2011 TFS foresters accompanied Steve Baldwin of the Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) to salvage some wood that had fallen from the tree.  The wood was sold at auction to raise over $350 for TAD.  Matt Adams of Stormware Creations in Houston has been commissioned to craft Bowie knives from the salvaged wood.   And lastly, some of the deadwood was used as props by Sericia Jackerson, Miss Deaf Austin, who was crowned Miss Deaf Texas following her rendition of “If only the Deaf Smith tree could talk.”   

    8/2011 Plainview Hackberries Lost

    TFS foresters on a Big Tree hunting trip in the high plains stopped to check on the Plainview Hackberries.  Gone.  No remnant, no memorial.  Another chapter of history lost... 

    7/2011 Fleming Oak Tested for Oak Wilt

    Earlier this summer the Fleming Oak showed signs of severe stress.  Samples were submitted to the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab.  Results were negative for Oak Wilt, and no other pathogens or diseases were found.  Undoubtedly drought and lower water table played a part in the stress.  New leaves have been noted and a full recovery is expected.

    4/2011 First New Famous Tree in Decades is Honored in Dedication Ceremony

    Half-Way Oak, the first tree added to the Famous Trees of Texas elite group in years was dedicated, fittingly, at a special Arbor Day celebration.  More trees to come!