Live Oak County Charter Oak

Historical Period: Frontier Texas (1865-1900)
Historical Topic: County Courthouses, Frontier Settlements
Species: Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)
County: Live Oak
Public Access: Yes

Early in the 1850s, an assembly of Irish settlers in Fox's Settlement, later named Gussetville, decided that travel to their county seat at San Patricio was too arduous and dangerous. They therefore attempted to form a new county. Meeting under this large live oak, they discussed the matter, framed a petition, and appointed a committee to present their views to the Legislature.

On February 2, 1856, an Act of the Texas Legislature created Live Oak County. Six months later the county's first officials were elected in the shade of this historic tree.

Little remains of Gussettville today except for this tree and an iron-fenced cemetery in which rest the bodies of many early pioneers.

This tree, under which the settlers met, may well have inspired the name of the new county.

The Charter Oak is located 6 miles southeast of George West. The tree is reached by traveling south on Farm Road 799 about 3 miles, then right on CR 151 for four-tenths of a mile.