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The Forest Products Laboratory

The Forest Products Laboratory, housed in a warehouse constructed in 1940 by CCC crews at the forest protection grounds in Lufkin, made numerous contributions to the forest products industry in Texas.

Lab facility 

The laboratory’s original purpose was to develop commercial uses for trees in the low-value forest regions of Central Texas, largely occupied by the post oak, cedar breaks, mesquite and cross timbers areas. These areas comprised three-fourths of the forest area of the state and contained about half the wood volume. A good regional timber market, TFS reasoned, benefited the state, local landowners and industry.

 Lab Kramer

In addition to assisting Southland Paper Company to establish the first southern pine newsprint mill, some of the lab’s noteworthy accomplishments over its 60 years of operation included:
- assisting in the development of southern pine plywood
- creating the first practical weight-scaling procedures for log trucks
- conducting air quality studies leading to the elimination of “teepee” (waste and sawdust) burners at large sawmills
- providing logistical support to the forest industry in discovering uses and markets for residue material previously burned as waste
- testing the duration of exterior paints and wood preservatives
- developing a roofing shingle from preservative-treated southern pine

Due to budget cuts, the laboratory was disbanded in 2000.