Texas A&M Forest Service Directors


John H. Foster

Image of John H. Foster: Texas' first state forester, 1915-1918

E.O. Siecke

Image of E.O. Siecke: Texas' second state forester, 1918-1942

W.E. White

Image of W.E. White: Texas' third state forester, 1942-1948

Sherman L. Frost

Image of Sherman L. Frost: TFS Interim Director, April 1 – July 1, 1948

David A. "Andy" Anderson

Image ofDavid A. Anderson: TFS Interim Director, July 1 – December 31, 1948

Dr. A. D. Folweiler

Image of Dr. A. D. Folweiler: Texas’ Fourth State Forester, 1949 – 1967

Paul R. Kramer

Image of Paul R. Kramer: Texas’ Fifth State Forester, 1967 – 1981

Bruce R. Miles

Image of Bruce R. Miles: Texas’ Sixth State Forester, 1980 – 1996

James B. Hull, Jr.

Image of James B. Hull, Jr.: Texas’ Seventh State Forester, 1996 – 2008

Thomas G. Boggus

Image of Thomas G. Boggus: Interim Director, 2008-2010 and Texas’ Eighth State Forester, 2010 – Present