Man in bowtie speaking and waving

Oral Video Histories

Thomas G. Boggus, Director 2008-Present
“Dream Big”
“I don’t need a bunch of jobs, I only need one”
“I think I just lost my job”
“Forest Service- What are you doing out here? They don’t say that anymore!”
“Its not the trees so much- it’s about who owns the trees”
“We’re gonna be part of the solution”
“I don’t go to bed worried about who’s going to run this agency” 
“I get the most kicks out of that”
“Miraculous Mondays”
“The dust is gonna fly”
“I’m not a real good rearview mirror guy”

James B. Hull Jr., Director 1996-2008
“Needed to get more into this forestry thing”
“Haven’t regretted a bit of it”
“I never much liked assistant anything”
“The Green University”
“That’s about as dull a work that you could come up with”
“An ideal training arena”
“Typical of state forestry agencies around the nation”
“The highlight of our hundred years as an agency”
“The leg up”
“A pretty good accomplishment”
“I just ran out of time”
“Confidently strut around with excellence”
“Help them get there first...”
“I better not catch a Texas Forest Service employee knowing something that’s not available to the state”
“I was a part of it”
“We had no option”
“An objective thinker”
“Whether we needed them or not”
“There weren’t many”
“They didn’t tolerate us… it was expected”

Bruce R. Miles, Director 1980-1996
“How I became a young forester”
“A hectic, busy experience”
“You learn something everywhere you go”
“A bunch of old rag-tag farmers”
“I will never tell another Aggie joke”
“Don’t ever let this happen again”
“Served the people of Texas very well”
“Without question”
“Don’t look back- something may be gaining on you”

William “Bill” E. Oates, Associate Agency Director 2008- Present
“Been around forestry my whole life”
“So I stayed with it”
“Started out a junior forester”
“For a lot of different reasons”
“I was successful because they were successful”
“A little rinky-dink study”
“The boss is not always right”
“The best part of my job is working with people”
“It’s a business not for the faint of heart”
“Our basic mission hasn’t changed”
“We hired really, really great people”
“We all need to know where we come from”
Mark Stanford, Associate Agency Director 2008- Present
“Well my name is Mark”
“Any job in forestry was a good job”
“Very exciting time to be in forestry”
“You have got to calm down”
“All disasters begin and end at the local level”
“What do you do when nobody’s lookin’?”
“That is a good feeling”
“My wish for this agency”
“We’re Texans, we ought to be proud of it” 

Dolores Stephens, Date-Date
“I really wasn’t a very good secretary”
“One person who meant so much to me…”
“…and I miss them today”
“An entirely new world”
“Growing pains are hard”
"She can take a challenge- so give it to her"
“We should always have been green space, that we should always have forests and that our grand kids can walk through it”