About TFS


The work we do makes a difference in people’s lives every day. Texas A&M Forest Service offers programs that help Texans—and that help them learn to help themselves. We operate on a few key principals. We have a call to serve, a duty to protect and a commitment to support; and we believe in the power of partnership.

A call to serve
    We provide technical assistance; readily available, objective, science-based information; public outreach and education.
A duty to protect
    We stand ready to respond to wildfires and all-hazard emergencies to protect the lives and property of Texans.
A commitment to support
    We support the business of forestry, the environment, the economy and the well-being of this state.
The power of partnership
    We help build capacity at every level and with every opportunity. We build partnerships and coalitions with other organizations that share our mission because we know we are stronger when we work together.