• Texas has 63 million acres of forestland, all of which provide a myriad of economic, environmental and social benefits. From aiding in soil erosion prevention to producing goods we use on a daily basis, forests improve the quality of life for all Texans. In 2015, the forest sector had a total economic impact of $32.5 billion and supported more than 144,500 jobs.

    The bottom line is when forests are healthy, Texas is healthy.

    But when happens when a forest needs help? Once a forest can no longer maintain itself, or replace unique species of functions, it is in trouble. These situations can occur after a number of items, including the arrival of an invasive species, drought or wildfire

    Conserving Texas’ trees and forests, TFS helps property owners maintain land and natural resources to ensure forestlands remain productive and healthy not only for the environment, but for generations of Texans to come.

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