• Texas A&M Forest Service is hosting a Smokey Bear Poster Contest in 2023, preceding his 80th birthday in 2024. Poster winners will be showcased in a 2024 Smokey Bear Birthday Calendar. The deadline for poster entries is October 27, 2023.
     + Smokey Bear Poster Contest Announcement

    Texas A&M Forest Service announces its first Smokey Bear Poster Contest.


    Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to participate in a Smokey Bear Poster contest to help celebrate his 80th birthday. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of wildfire prevention through their original artwork of Smokey Bear.  Independent school districts, homeschools, youth programs, scout groups and other informal education or youth organizations can submit entries from school-aged children.


    Smokey Bear is nationally recognized as the symbol for wildfire prevention. The original Smokey Bear appeared in 1944. His message of “Only you can prevent wildfires!” encourages personal responsibility for wildfire prevention since nine out of ten wildfires are caused by people. Smokey Bear uses five rules to teach children and adults to be careful with campfires, outdoor debris burning, and matches.


    Each year, Texas communities are impacted by wildfire. People and their activities account for 90% of wildfires in Texas with the most common preventable cause being careless debris burning. Other causes include welding and other equipment use, vehicles, discarding smoking materials and arson. Entries should feature wildfire prevention for issues seen in Texas.


    The Poster Contest consists of six divisions:

    1. Kindergarten through 2nd grade
    2. 3rd through 5th grade
    3. 6th through 8th grade
    4. 9th through 12th grade
    5. Special education
    6. Computer-assisted design (CAD)


    Two winners will be chosen from each division with each winner earning a spot in the 2024 Smokey Bear 80th Birthday Calendar.


    Email with any questions.

     + Contest Rules
    • All posters must include Smokey Bear’s likeness and a wildfire prevention message.
    • Smokey must be the artist's original drawing on paper or digital art.  See the Tips tab for examples of Smokey Bear or visit
    • Posters will be completed on 8x11 paper. The paper color and texture is up to the artist.
    • Posters must be completed by student artists with only one entry per student.
    • For divisions 1-5 (traditional art, not CAD), no three-dimensional posters will be accepted. Art materials used can include crayons, markers, poster paints, watercolors or other similar mediums.
    • Posters will be judged based on overall design, message effectiveness, artwork, and originality.
    • All poster entries must be submitted by a recognized Texas school or a youth organization.
    • The following information must be on the back of the poster. Use the provided form and attach to the back or write the information on the back but avoid dark marker that may show through.


      Smokey 80 Poster Contest Entry Form(1)


    • CAD entries should be emailed to
      • Enter “Smokey Bear Poster Contest” in the subject
      • Enter all the requested information into the message of the email and attach the CAD file.
      • File types should be jpg or pdf.
      • Images should be able to convert to an 8x10 photo size of 2400x3000 pixels
    • Posters should be mailed to:
      • Texas A&M Forest Service, 481 Texas Forest Service Loop, Building A467, Lufkin, Tx 75904.
    • Postmark deadline is October 27, 2023.
    • CAD entries should be emailed to by 5:00PM CST October 27, 2023.
    • Submitted entries, both paper and digital, become property of Texas A&M Forest Service and will not be returned to participants.
     + Additional Information and Tips

    The Texas Smokey Bear Poster Contest is hosted by Texas A&M Forest Service as part of Smokey’s 80th Birthday Celebration in 2024. Smokey’s primary goal is to raise awareness of the importance of preventing wildfires and conserving our natural resources.


    • Texas-based students from Kindergarten through 12th grade can participate. Independent school districts, homeschools, youth programs, scout groups, or other nonformal education or youth groups can also submit entries from school-aged children.
    • If submitting an entry over the summer, the student should use the grade level they will be as of October 27, 2023.
    • Information packets will be released in May. Entries may be submitted anytime after the release date and up to the closing date of October 27, 2023.
    • Winners will be announced in November.
    • Do your best to use correct spelling and grammar!
    • Visit and for wildfire prevention information including Smokey Bear’s story, common wildfire causes, and prevention tips to help the students create their poster.
    • Examples of Smokey Bear:


     2023 Smokey Post Contest_Smokey  


    2023 Smokey Poster Contest_Smokeymail  


    2023 Smokey Poster Contest_SmokeyStanding  

     + Prizes

    Two winners will be chosen from each division with each winner earning a spot in the 2024 Smokey Bear 80th Birthday Calendar.


    The classroom or youth group of each winner will receive a special Smokey Bear and local Texas A&M Forest Service wildland firefighters visit, Smokey Bear items and a Teacher Toolbox kit.

     + Important Forms

     Poster Contest Entry Form

     Smokey 80 Poster Contest Entry Form_2 Page


     Poster Contest Flyer
     2023 Smokey Poster Contest_Flyer


    Poster Contest Information Sheets
     Smokey 80 Poster Contest Entry Form Page 1 FINAL