Research shows that actively managed timberland provides more resources and benefits compared to unmanaged timberland. In 2010, East Texas was estimated to contain nearly 12 million acres of timberland most of which is privately owned.

    The benefits of these trees are endless. From clean air and water to a source of revenue, we should take pride in caring for this resource. Texas A&M Forest Service is here to help you maximize your timberland and its benefits. 

    Management techniques can include: prescribed burning, planting, pre-commercial thinning, mid and late rotation thinning, fertilization, pruning, woody competition control, even-aged regeneration harvests, uneven-aged regeneration harvests, and/or restoration of a historic ecosystem. 


    Each timber stand can be different and have different management needs. 


    Whether you have owned your timberland for years or recently acquired or inherited it, you can determine and meet your land objectives by taking it one step at a time. 


     + Steps to Better Timber Management
    Educate yourself. Talk to neighbors, fellow landowners, professionals and explore resources on the Internet.


    Attend educational workshops and programs.

    Have your trees and timber assessed. Assessments can be made on timber stands to determine overall age, health, past management, current and future value, and current and future products and/or benefits the stands provide. 


    Create a management plan. A good management plan takes into account your land objectives and sets a timeline to achieve those objectives.


    Continually monitor the land and the effects of the management practices. 


    Pass the land and passion for timber management along to your spouse and other heirs. 


    Be sure you have established a timber sale agreement which is an important document to protect you as the seller, the buyer, and your property. This document outlines the sale of your timber and the parameters it will be conducted under.


     + Timber Price Trends

    Timber Price Trends aims to provide timely information on timber market conditions to improve decision making and foster fair transactions that benefit both buyer and seller and encourage conservation of the timber resource.

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