Resource analysis is important for planning future management, and it is also critically important after natural disasters or destructive fires. Using the newest methods in data analysis and the latest information regarding forest resources, products are created to help landowners, researchers, public officials and others make informed decisions about forests.  


    Using the latest information available from the Forest Inventory & AnalysisWood TechnologyWater ResourcesEcosystem ServicesForest Taxation and Urban & Community Forestry programs, tools are being developed on to help with forest management and economic development.
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    Resource Analysis in Action

    Natural disasters have always influenced Texas lands and resources. While many of these can't be prevented, resource analysis is important to the large-scale recovery from these events. 


    The Sustainable Forestry Department worked with natural resource agencies and landowners after Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Rita, the large East Texas wildfires of 2011 and the Bastrop County Complex to assess and inventory the damage. The damage was then analyzed and summarized into reports used by government officials and resource agencies to provide assistance to affected landowners. 


    This data was not only used to estimate economic loss, but it was also used to facilitate recovery efforts. An example of this work was seen in the Lost Pines Recovery Team efforts where analysis reports helped determined the extent of timber salvage needed and the areas in most need of future reforestation.


    The Sustainable Forestry Department of Texas A&M Forest Service continues to use the latest data and technology to serve the resources and citizens of Texas.


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