Picture of the TFS Arson Dogs; Dozer & Tracker

    Along with their partners, K-9 officers Dozer and Tracker focus primarily on wildland arson investigations and fire prevention statewide. When they aren’t working with wildfire, Dozer and Tracker are often hard at work tracking missing persons, escaped inmates, criminals or persons of interest. To make sure they stay hot on the trail, these purebred bloodhounds undergo constant training and sharpening of their tracking skills.

    Born Nov. 15, 2012 at Wychway Bloodhounds in New York, Dozer and Tracker started with TFS in February of 2013 when they were just three months old. Dozer is red (solid tan) and partnered with Investigator Kevin Pierce in Lufkin while Tracker is black and tan and partnered with Investigator Jarred Lemmon in Linden.

    For more information on Dozer and Tracker and their latest hijinks follow them on Facebook or check out their blog; and for interactive games, educational resources and fun activities, visit the Arson Dogs website.