March 1, 2023

    Bexar County Emergency Service District No. 7 implements Community Wildfire Protection Plan to address wildfire risk

    COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Bexar County Emergency Service District No. 7 has adopted a plan to reduce risks and better prepare for wildfires.

    A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a proven strategy for reducing the risk of wildfire to communities. The Bexar County Emergency Service District (ESD) No. 7 plan establishes goals and strategies for long-term success by identifying priorities and proposing immediate measures that will protect communities from wildland fire.

    The plan was developed collaboratively with county officials, ESD No. 7 personnel and representatives from Texas A&M Forest Service. This is the 62nd ESD or city-wide CWPP to be completed in Texas.

    “This type of collaborative plan is a ‘whole community’ approach to wildfire mitigation,” said Alex Bregenzer, Texas A&M Forest Service CWPP Program Coordinator. “By implementing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, residents and communities within the ESD will actively address their wildfire risk and improve overall wildfire preparedness.”

    Bexar County ESD No.7, located in the northwest part of Bexar County, has strived to improve its communities’ wildfire preparedness, in part due to the impacts of nearby wildfires. District 7 Fire Rescue, located within the ESD, has been instrumental in responding to wildfires that impact the communities of this area. In 2022, it responded to several wildfires, including the 1,092-acre Das Goat Fire in nearby Medina County and the 3,005-acre Training Area 23 Fire in northern Bexar County.

    “Our CWPP is a valuable tool in facilitating community engagement for wildfire risk reduction and preparedness,” said Esteban Marquez, District 7 Fire Rescue Operations Division Chief. “With this plan, we intend to provide our public valuable education on wildfire causes and actions that may be taken to decrease preventable fires. Furthermore, our CWPP provides the opportunity to target identified potential fuel reduction projects, training needs and mitigation strategies to reduce the wildfire risks.”

    The Bexar County ESD No. 7 plan has been approved and accepted by the Bexar County Commissioners Court as well as the ESD Board of Directors.

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    Texas A&M Forest Service Contacts:

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    Information Officer, 979-255-0591,