• Grants and Funding Opportunities 

    Texas A&M Forest Service has a myriad of grants and funding opportunities available to local governments, fire departments, landowners, non-profit and for-profit organizations. These programs generally fall into the following categories:

    • Equipment and training for fire departments
    • Fuel mitigation
    • Native forest restoration
    • Forest health
    • Community forestry and tree canopy enhancement

    Local firefighters and emergency responders are our first line of defense against emergencies and disasters. Texas A&M Forest Service helps enhance the ability of firefighters to protect themselves and the public from fire and related hazards through a variety of capacity building assistance programs. To explore these fire department assistance programs, please go to the:


    Texas FireConnect Portal

    More information about Fire Department Programs and FireConnect is available here.

    In addition to these programs, many other state, federal, and philanthropic organizations offer grant opportunities to implement conservation practices on private and public lands, enhance community forests, and mitigate wildfire risk. To explore these opportunities, please go to the:


    Funding Connector

    Financial Assistance for Land Stewardship in Texas