Through the Federal Excess Personal Property Program, Texas A&M Forest Service acquires excess federal equipment on loan from the federal government. The property is then loaned to fire departments and other emergency response cooperators who become responsible for the maintenance of the property as long as the property is in their possession. Once returned, the property is reissued or disposed of.

    Note: Texas A&M Forest Service is no longer acquiring FEPP because ownership is not passed to the recipient in this program. 

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    Q: Are replacement parts for FEPP vehicles available through the FEPP Program?

    A: We are able to provide some replacement parts from other FEPP vehicles. Please contact the FEPP mechanic David Cable at 936-875-5149 to check on the availability of parts needed.


    Q: Can I give the FEPP items that are assigned to my department to another fire department?

    A: Yes. The receiving department will need to complete the following forms and submit them to FEPP personnel before they take possession of the property:

    Please contact FEPP Program Specialist Courtney Wigley at 936-639-8151 or to obtain these documents.


    • Application for Assistance (Form 450)
    • FEPP Cooperative Agreement (must be signed by the Fire Chief)
    • FEPP Transfer Sheet


    Q: Can I get the title to the FEPP vehicle that is assigned to my fire department?

    A: No. Unfortunately, all FEPP property will always be possessed on an on-loan basis. Once an item becomes inoperable or no longer needed, the item must be returned to the Texas A&M Forest Service for proper disposal.


    Q: Does the FEPP property that I currently have affect my chances of receiving property through FFP or the Rural VFD Assistance (2604) grant program?

    A: No.

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    Texas A&M Forest Service
    481 Texas Forest Service Loop
    Building A456
    Lufkin, Texas 75904
    Attn: FEPP
                      Phone: 936-639-8100
    Fax: 936-639-8138